Wheelchair donation program for individuals who aren't able to get equipment through traditional programs.


“When I got out of the hospital I was left with uncomfortable reclining chair. Soon after a couple of months I was able to get a new chair which I thought would help me out a lot. Sadly it only got me from point A to Z with the help of someone else pushing me, because the wheels were to small. My therapist at Midcities told me that was the best chair for me because I would never be able to push myself. But I couldn't understand how it was the best when I still had to depend on someone else to get me around. Then I started therapy at Rancho Los Amigos, and they gave me so much hope for a better chance at independence. I was able to see people with the same spinal cord injury level as me roll around and advocate by theirselves with no help. And I wanted to be apart of that. I felt I deserved at least that much. So once I connected with Ray I was hesitant at first, but after my wife pushed me I was able to understand that I'm not the only one going through all the things I've been through. We may all have different or similar stories but we all go through the same day to day life style. So with the help of Rancho Los Amigos, Ray and my Wife for pushing me, I wanted to thank Pushrim for my new manual chair that I'm slowly but surely pushing on my own. It's a tad bit hard for me right now, but I know with in a few months, I will be glad to have gained some more of my independence back. And Again Thank You Pushrim.” -Damon Grigsby


Pushrim Foundation realizes the therapeutic significance of art.

We donate art supplies such as canvases, brushes, and easels and adaptive tools to disabled artist to help them take the first step to recovery through the arts.

"Thank you so much Pushrim not just for the art class but in helping so many others with equipment for their disabilities, the resources being provided and the support you guys graciously give out"

-Nadine Carey

Art Teacher at Rancho



Endurance squad motivates individuals participate in long distance pushing that promotes health and fitness. We team individuals up with similar abilities to push each other. Helping promote a long and active quality of life.


“Endurance pushing assisted me physically, mentally, and spiritually. I truly appreciate having an activity such as endurance pushing by Pushrim as holistic way of staying active and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.”

-Jessica Brito






Our social network website is for members to communicate, share ideas and experience that help with transitioning back into a productive life. 

Pushrim has been a great place to meet people with similar physical diabillities. Pushrim is also very informative, especially for newly injured individuals. Podcasts on pushrim can also help individuals and family of the individual , learn to function while living with a disability. Pushrim will only improve your way of living with their convenient support system right at your fingertips.
— Art Beltran

You can see all of our VideoCasts on our YouTube channel. We have terrific guests who share personal stories, tips and tricks.  We also talk to community leaders, activists, and medical professionals. 

Whenever i watch your episodes, i always come away knowing a bit more about adaptibility and all the subtle things one has to learn. I really liked that you pursued asking the logistics of doing photography, and utilizing Meetups. Looking forward to this Season’s Episodes!
— Dana Zoe Gest

Pushrim hosts a Social Hour/Support Group every 1st Wednesday of every month at Precision Rehab in Long Beach, CA.  Our group meetings are relatively informal, and provide a safe environment to share with peers. Please call to RSVP. (424) 210-7797

 Precision Rehabilitation                                                        

Address: 3294 E Spring St, Long Beach, CA 90806                                       Time: 1:00pm to 2:00pm


We also have a monthly support Social Hour/Support Group on the last Friday of the month in Bakersfield CA. Region. Join us to connect, share resources and make new friends.

Please call to RSVP(661) 421-3964

HealthSouth Bakersfeild Rehabilitation Hospital                          Address: 5001 Commerce Drive Bakersfield CA 93309                   Time: 4:00pm to 5:00pm





How We Started

Pushrim started when Ray and Richard met at the Abilities Expo many years ago. Sharing a similar spinal cord injury, and began exchanging ideas. On a subsequent gathering at the Abilities Expo, they came up with an idea to create a forum where they could share their knowledge making it accessible to friends, family members and anyone with a spinal related injury.

The steps to regaining our independence is exemplified in the photos, videos and techniques shared by our members on Pushrim. Our website continues to grow daily, as well as our media library, to reaching as many of our peers as possible and share what we have encountered in our daily lives. 

Pushrim continues growing daily through media and support groups. Pushrim reaches thousands of peers sharing with them resources, camaraderie, and the assurance that there is life after injury.