How We Started

The concept of Pushrim started when Ray and Richard met at the Abilities Expo many years ago. They shared a similar spinal cord injury and began exchanging ideas. On a subsequent gathering at the Abilities Expo, they came up with an idea to create a forum where they could share their knowledge making it accessible to friends, family members and anyone with a spinal related injury.

The steps to regaining our independence is exemplified in the photos, videos and techniques shared by our members on Pushrim. Our website continues to grow daily, as well as our media library, to reaching as many of our peers as possible and share what we have overcome. 

Pushrim continues growing daily through media and support groups. Pushrim is able to reach thousands of peers sharing with them resources, camaraderie, and the assurance that there is life after injury.

We have a lot of exiting projects in the works as illustrated below...